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About us

Más Amigos
The association ”Más Amigos” (more friends) was founded in 1986. Its purpose is to promote cultural and sporting activities as well as social life among members. We are here to organize meetings, courses, conferences also further cultural and linguistic exchanges among the Nordic countries and Spain.
Today we have approximately 7.500 family members.
Our members come from the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway or Sweden).
Most commonly our members are owners of some sort of accommodations or have other interest in Spain at the Costa Blanca.

The meeting point for the Nordic
The head office of Mas Amigos is located in Torrevieja, and we also have two local ofices, one in Alfaz del Pi and another in San Javier.  In total we are 12 employees. The head office in Torrevieja is open all weekdays, and the local office in Alfaz del Pi is open selected days during the week.
Under the menu “Contact us” at our homepage, our opening hours and further contact information is presented.
In our cafés and libraries you can watch TV, read newspapers, and borrow books and DVDs. In Torrevieja we do have three computers with internet access for the members, and if you have a portable computer, tablet, smartphone or something similar you also have the opportunity to use our internet connection.  You can also buy books, accessories and green fees tickets and sign up for our trips, events, tours, courses, golf tournaments and enjoy a game of bridge.
On our bulletin boards in the offices you will find information about “what’s going on the association” where also you will find other useful information.
Through our property rental service members also have the opportunity to rent their properties foremost in the Torrevieja, Orihuela Costa area.


Welcome to Mas Amigos!

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